Corporate Slogan

Nidec group announced the launch of a new corporate statement codifying the core values Nidec group adheres to and seeks to share with its stakeholders. The new statement, "All for dreams", will be implemented across the entire Nidec group companies from April 1, 2007 onward.

Corporate Statement

We begin with dreams.
Dreams drive our motivation.
Dreams are our future.
The world's dreams, people's dreams, our dreams.
Our passion creates ideas that make dreams come alive.  
Technology and products that were only dreams become reality.
All for dreams
Dreams challenge and the Nidec-Group
will continue to meet the challenge.
For the world's and people's tomorrows,
The world's first, the world's best technologies and products,
We will continue our part in creating a better society.


All for dreamsのロゴです。

Our corporate slogan logo design "All for dreams" expresses the statement of the Nidec Group. Our goal is to have it adopted by all Nidec Group companies.

The element shown in the "A" in "All" is known as the "Dream Horizon." It expresses both our desire to "make dreams reality" and the "time" when passion and ideas for creating new things is born.

Concentrating the ability of each company in the Nidec Group, we will continue to challenge ourselves as we head toward this Dream Horizon, for the benefit of all people now and in the future.