General Questions About NIDEC-READ CORPORATION

General Information about NIDEC-READ

When was NIDEC-READ established?
NIDEC-READ CORPORATION was incorporated on November 25, 1991. Click here for more information.
What is the origin of the name of NIDEC-READ?
We read electronic behavior. We lead the future. Our company name “READ” conveys our commitment to “lead” the industry as an expert in the measurement and inspection of electronic equipment.
When was NIDEC-READ joined to NIDEC as a group company?
NIDEC-READ joined to Nidec group in April 1997. Click here for more information.
What types of business development is NIDEC-READ pursuing?
NIDEC-READ is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and selling test equipment and fixtures for semiconductor packages and printed circuit boards. Click here for more information.
What kind of company is LuzCom Inc.?
LuzCom is focused on developing, manufacturing and selling micro-tube and related products, which is made by electroforming process.
Please explain the significance and importance behind Nidec group's corporate slogan "All for dreams."
In 2007, Nidec Group established its corporate slogan "All for dreams." The significance and importance behind this slogan encourages all employees of the group to join together as one and become "an employee organization that gives shape to dreams" and that constantly pursues "challenges, growth, and strength." Click here for more information.
Where is NIDEC-READ's headquarters located?
The headquarters for NIDEC-READ is in Tsutsumisotocho Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Click here for more information.
We would like to learn about "3Q6S."
Among Nidec Group companies, the model for behavior is supported by 3Q6S. "3Q" is defined as quality employees, quality company, and quality products. "6S" refers to the general "5S" of workplace organization method derived from the Japanese terms "seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke," which means "sorting, straightening, systemic cleaning, standardizing, and service." Lastly, the final "S" is for "saho" or behavior. The 3Q6S manual consists of Nidec's management knowledge and details are strictly confidential. Therefore, the 3Q6S manual is not available for purchase.
Does NIDEC-READ offer public tours of its headquarters showroom and plants?
We are sorry, headquarters and plant tours are also usually not held.