Core Technology of NIDEC-READ

Responding to increasingly multi-pin, fine pitch semiconductor packages and printed circuit boards, NIDEC-READ brings to the market breakthrough measuring/testing solutions that spot and analyze previously undetectable types of continuity errors.

Measurement Technology

Testing equipment for open/leak circuit tests is required to be able to measure resistance down into the milliohm range and check thousands of test points at a time. NIDEC-READ has developed high-speed, high-precision testers using high-performance switches of its own design.

Mechatronics Technology

Through a sophisticated fusion of multiple mechatronics elements, NIDEC-READ has extended inspection possibilities into mass production processes, including: high-precision positioning; high-speed feeding; safe and compact machinery design, and in-line process engineering.

Fixture Technology

High-precision jigs allow a testing device to ensure pinpoint accuracy in making contact with a number of test points on an intricately printed circuit board. NIDEC-READ offers broad-ranging expertise in CAD/CAM, probing, and precision machining, which is tailored to ultra fine-pitch component applications.

MEMS Process Technology

As semiconductor manufacturing process becomes increasingly geared toward finer nanostrucure design, the need for innovative inspection methods has never been greater. By leveraging its MEMS-oriented, three-dimensional process technology in areas ranging from electroforming to exposure, image development, and fine pattern etching, NIDEC-READ opens a new horizon for precision inspection.

Vision Inspection Technology

Non-contact imaging can spot various defect types that are undetectable by electrical means. NIDEC-READ’s technical portfolio in optical measurement, light source optimization, and associated algorithm design enables high-speed, high-resolution detection of very subtle defects that slip through human vision screening.